The team at Octane Junkies has worked with graduates of the Nissan PlayStation GT Academy since it began. Our athlete development programmes have seen GT Academy winners such as Gaëtan Paletou make the journey from novice to Le Mans racer in just 9-months. Lessons have been learned throughout this process and we have been able to develop a highly innovative and effective Athlete Development Programme.

The Octane Junkies approach enables athletes to develop their skills in a condensed period of time, significant gains are made in just a few months that would take others years to achieve. We are people engineers who use a limiting factors approach to development. Initial training focuses on the ‘the basics’ to ensure the right foundations are in place before switching to concentrate on modules that address the limiting factors of the individual driver. For example, the two most limiting factors holding back ‘Driver A’ might be race craft and tyre management. In this case we have specific modules that would help the driver to master these areas to a point where they are no longer holding them back. Then we would identify the next most limiting factors and implement suitable modules to improve them.

Our experience of racing driver development has helped us to understand that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. Everyone has different levels of natural ability and learn at different rates, so training needs to allow for this, it has to be adaptable and we have solutions in place for the various potential limiting factors. This is where we excel and is our true differentiator.

Our approach is innovative, uses the latest advances in technology and thinking to improve an athlete’s performance on track, physically and mentally. Athletes benefit from access to:

  •  Medical Grade In-body Analysis
  •  Professional Racing Simulator
  •  Motorsport Specific Fitness Assessments & Training
  • Professional Driver Coaches
  • Track Tuition
  • World Class Sport Psychologists
  • Fast Track International Race Licence Process


Octane Junkies provide both One-to-One and Group Athlete Development Programmes.