Dan Whittemore, Octane Junkies Director, writes about unleashing the biker within. I only recently passed my bike test in 2016, at 43 you could argue a bit too late to call myself a true biker. I would argue not, as I’ve always had a passion for bikes but not the opportunity.

In February 2016 we were high up in the Yorkshire Dales during a media event to launch the new Nissan Navara NP300. Our road route took the Navara’s off-road and across the Dales on green lanes, it was at this point I noticed many bikers on dirt bikes enjoying the challenging trails. It looked ace and at that moment I decided I must get my bike licence and get a bike for green laning.

That was the original plan. With bike licence in hand, I soon purchased a bike, a Honda CRF250X Enduro. It didn’t take long for our in-house motocross expert, Laurence Wiltshire, to talk me into taking my Honda on a motocross track, something I’d never imagined I’d be doing. A year on and I now regularly compete in 4-hour enduro races, which are the most challenging, demanding and rewarding activities I’ve ever participated in.

Off road wasn’t enough and the slick advertising of Triumph and rise in popularity of modern classics lured me into buying a Triumph Street Twin, at the same time, hitting every branch of the Triumph merchandise tree on the way down. I ride the Street Twin in to work most days and feel a great sense of belonging when I ride up to the Super Sausage Café on the A5, a famous biker café.