Yes, you heard right, a presentation up a tree. This was one of our more unusual events. To launch the new X-Trail 2L to the UK media, our brief from the Nissan PR team was ‘The Great Outdoors, create a Nissan Adventure’. The theme we proposed was ‘wild camping’ and our venue search led us to Hunter Gather HQ on the South Downs in Sussex. Guests arrived at a picturesque farm, then walked along a forest path lined by bluebells to Hunter Gather HQ’s treehouse. Here guests ate a gourmet breakfast that had been locally caught, sourced or foraged and cooked al fresco style over a wood fire. Then guests climbed up into the treehouse for a presentation about the new X-Trail 2L on linked tablets that Octane Junkies provided. After a lesson on fire making skills, guests took the new X-Trail a road route that wound through the South Downs countryside to Slindon Common for a 4x4 off-road experience. Finally, guests navigated to Firle Beacon for a search and rescue activity in conjunction with Surrey Search & Rescue using their thermal imaging drone to find a lost hipster in desperate need of a cappuccino!