The making of a successful event starts long before the first guest walks through the door of the chosen location. Successful events start with setting clear objectives and a mutual agreement on how they can be achieved. At Octane Junkies we work hard at understanding our client’s needs and helping them turn ideas into reality. We have a passion for brilliance and getting things right first time, our attention to detail and meticulous planning earns trust early on. If you ever find yourself with a great idea but you are unsure where to start, the chances are that we have the knowledge and experience in our team to find a workable solution to achieve your goal.

We make no secret about the fact that we are Octane Junkies, although we are mad about anything racing, our passion, it has allowed us to provide our services on a wide variety of events around the world. Our team is well travelled and our work has seen us event manage a reality TV competition in Abu Dhabi, a GT sportscar launch at the Nürburgring in Germany and created and operated a pop-up hotel at Le Mans in France.

Types of events that we have provided full project and event management or consultancy services on include:

  •  Brand Experience Events
  • Conferences
  • Corporate Track Days
  • Automotive Training
  •  Live Experiential Events
  •  Hospitality
  • Hospitality Suite Design & Build
  •  Media Events
  •  Motorsport Operations & Logistics
  • Pop-up Hotel
  • Press Launches
  • Promotional Events
  • Sports Marketing Activation
  • Vehicle Launches