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2019 06 13 Nissan Electric Ice Cream Van

Planning & Ideation

Whether it is helping to turn an existing idea into reality or coming up with the idea that will help get a brand message across in an impactful way, we enjoy the challenge.  We combine free thinking with meticulous planning to ensure even the craziest projects run in a smooth yet relaxed fashion.

We have been lucky enough to work on some weird and wonderful projects, most of which could be described as “first ever”.  Being the first to do something is exciting, but brings with it a whole host of challenges from a Planning and Ideation point of view.

In 2019 we went to Nissan with an idea that would help promote their electric vehicles in a positive and emotionally powerful way.   The much loved ice cream van was getting a lot of bad press due to them chugging out diesel fumes whilst serving children their ice creams!  This meant there was possibility that Ice Cream vans would no longer be a thing in city centers.  So we came up with the first ever all electric ice cream van, adapting a Nissan E-NV200 van into a full functioning ice cream van!  However doing something like this for the first time took a lot of research and careful planning and production.  The project was a huge success gaining huge media coverage around the globe.

Although we are fortunate to work on some very unusual projects we are also well versed in the more run of the mill projects that need good solid planning in order to be successful.    Our internal systems and procedures are robust, structured and designed to support all stakeholders, ensuring that all preparation and planning is done in good time and communicated clearly to all involved.  

We are more than happy to bounce ideas around at no cost to you , so feel free to give us shout.

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