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Risk Assessment and Insurance

Octane Junkies Ltd and its sister company GTA Global Ltd have a public liability insurance cover of £10 million that is specific to running Automotive and Motorsport events.

This means we can cover high risk activities such as track driving and automotive stunts meaning we can take on the exposure for these activities on behalf of the client.

In addition to our public liability cover we are also able to arrange additional insurance coverage for guests and clients such as Personal Accident Insurance,  High net worth individual insurance (eg for a celebrity), Vehicle and Asset insurance.

Key to the successful running of all events (even more so post covid-19) is a thorough risk assessment and method statement.  We have the in-house expertise and industry leading software to carry out this service for all of our events and also on behalf of others.

We have a lot of experience in assessing high risk activities, most of which have never been done before!   An example of this is  the Alfa Romeo Blind drive project that we undertook on behalf of our PR Agency client.   For this project our client came to us with the crazy idea of showing how much you could feel the road in their car by getting someone to drive a lap of Silverstone blindfolded!!!


A cool idea on paper but one that required a huge amount of planning, risk assessing and the creation of methods that would ensure that the stunt could be done in a safe and manageable way.   

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