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Virtual Experiences

As the organisers of the biggest ever e-motorsport competition “Nissan Plasystation GT Academy” we have been living in the digital world for a long time and as such can help to provide your event with fun and engaging digital experiences.


We can provide Live Streaming, Webinar, and Virtual Event services, so if you are looking to do your next event digitally due to the current restrictions then we can help make that happen for you in a cost effective and simple way. 

Our latest product is “Virtual Hospitality” which helps brands to recreate an exclusive hospitality experience digitally while we are unable to do it physically.  This is a fast moving part of our business so please give us a call to discuss your ideas and requirements and we will almost certainly be able to help.

Through our sister agency Virtually Entertained we are able to provide racing simulators that can be linked together to create racing experiences , reaction tests such as Batak,  VR activations such as Virtual Pitstop or a Virtual Snow Ball fight for your X mas Party?     


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